Seven Risk Management Challenges for Japanese Financial Services in 2018

Analysis from the perspective of Japanese financial institutions

In 2018, we may see the realization of potential geopolitical risks. As well, a correction in the financial markets may occur following the overshoot of stock and bond prices as well as the accelerated economic growth in advanced economies.

Seven Risk Management Challenges for Japanese Financial Services in 2018

2017 closed with the financial system largely unaffected by serious risks in the economy, finance, politics, or regulations. However, it should be noted that the circumstances surrounding any of the risks mentioned above could change dramatically in 2018, and thus it is important for the industry to be prepared for such a change in the next year.

This paper will explore the high level risk management challenges for 2018 from the perspective of the head of risk management in Japanese financial institutions. This paper will map out the below seven challenges, and their commensurate action plans.


Table of contents
  1. Business Model Transformation
  2. Changes in the Macro-environment and BCP
  3. Basel III Reforms
  4. Post Basel III and Pillar 2
  5. Financial Regulations in the US and EU
  6. Cybersecurity and Model/Data Governance
  7. Non-financial Risk management


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