The Creeping Shadow of Global Discord

Global Risk Watch Vol.36 March 2018

Risk intelligence e-Newsletter provides an overview of various corporate management risks from a global perspective featuring key events that occurred over the past month and need to be carefully examined for risk management purposes. The Center for Risk Management Strategy (CRMS) as part of the global Deloitte Tohmatsu Group provides you with experienced analysis on risk management and financial regulation.

Overview Macroeconomic and Financial Risks

# The Creeping Shadow of Global Discord
Tsuyoshi Oyama, Partner/Head of Center for Risk Management Strategy (CRMS) at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC/Deloitte Asia Pacific Risk and Capital Management Leader

Last month's concern that wages and prices in the US would shoot up have abated somewhat.
Consequently, there has been a decline in fears that the current goldilocks conditions of the bond and stock markets will collapse.

This decline ...

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Overview of Development in Financial Regulations

# Commitment to code of conduct: the FX Global Code
Shiro Katsufuji, Director, Center for Risk Management Strategy at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC

Preparation are proceeding at an accelerated pace for the signing on Statement of Commitment for the FX Global Code (FXGC).
The FXGC is a set of global principles finalized in May 2017 that the Foreign Exchange Working Group (FXWG) has developed ...

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Highlight of Indicator for this Month

# The State of Exports to the US
Toshikazu Kumagai, Manager, Center for Risk Management Strategy at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC

The US import restrictions on steel and aluminium have become a topic of conversation.
The logic of the decision rests with a Commerce Department report that states that an increase in steel and aluminium imports has weakened ...

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Seminars, Conferences & Publications


# Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu "Dynamic Asia Forum (former 2nd Voice of Asia Forum)" (April 25, 2018 | The Peninsula Tokyo)  
Deloitte Touche Tohamatsu LLC issues the Voice of Asia reports every quarter, sharing insights into the economies of the Asia pacific region. 
We will host the second Voice of Asia Forum, featuring upcoming Voice of Asia Edition 4, a seminar on the 2018 economic trends in Asia as well as the Middle East. 

Please register to attend the event here. *Only available in Japanese  

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