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The opinion leader at Deloitte Tohmatsu Group provides various opinions of corporate and risk management related topics from the best practice and supervisory authorities’ perspectives in the financial institutions as well as the up-to-date industry trends based on our analysis and intelligence database. This section shares the opinions and activities of our leaders who bring significant impacts in the financial services industry.

Post-crisis risk management revolution—Risk Appetite Framework (RAF) ‘When business strategy and risk management meet’

◆First volume – What is Risk Appetite Framework
Published in July, 2014 : 『Enterprise risk』 Post-crisis risk management revolution—Risk Appetite Framework (RAF)

Quarterly journal published by Deloitte Tohmatsu Enterprise Risk laboratory institute "Enterprise risk" In the first volume,Tsuyoshi Oyama (Partner/Head of Centre for Risk Management Strategy at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC.) will address various questions regarding RAF: what exactly is RAF; why are financial institutions focusing on RAF; what are the benefits of RAF from the perspective of corporate governance and risk management; what are some common issues with RAF, etc.


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