Fraud Investigations

Deloitte Forensic Services Team helps clients act quickly and confidently in the face of regulatory concerns and actions, or sensitive internal investigations into fraud, corruption, and misconduct. Our global network allows us to combine an understanding of local business cultures and regulatory issues to find a path to a successful resolution, leaving clients better prepared to protect their assets and reputation.

In the case of fraud/misconduct allegation

The complex web of laws and regulations in Japan impact everything from fraud detection and prevention to anti-money laundering and sanctions compliance, corporate corruption, market abuse, and business ethics. As a result, our clients are under more intense scrutiny from shareholders and regulators who require greater transparency and accountability from corporate executives and their boards of directors.

Our investigations practice (see further details on the next page) helps companies assess allegations of corporate fraud or financial mismanagement and respond to government regulatory requests regarding alleged corrupt practices, anti-bribery and anti-money laundering, etc. Clients come to us for help when they need to respond to allegations and to prevent or detect potential problems. By using data technology tools and deep data analytics expertise, our forensic investigators bring financial acumen, forensic accounting and investigative skills to help conduct investigations spanning many levels of complexity and breadth. 

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Our Services

Fraud Investigations
Deloitte Forensic Service Team has a long pedigree in forensic fraud investigations in Japan, in providing investigative practices as member of independent investigation committee or assistance with corporate internal investigation for organizations facing all types of corporate fraud and misconducts, including Japan and overseas countries.
We have now brought our full range of fraud-related services together, drawing on the depth and breadth of capability across the firm with proven solutions around culture, governance and control; prevention and detection; and analysis and investigation

Our Services covers wide variety of area, including (but not limited to):
・Accounting Fraud
・Ethical issue
・Corruption issues
・Insider trading
・AML/Sanctions Investigation
・Other Regulatory Investigations.

We also provide consultation services to the company's remediation phase of the post-incidence.  

Cross-border Investigation

Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory LLC Japan Forensic Service, as a part of Deloitte that has approximately 150,000 staffs in over 140 countries, is ready to provide services immediately in any countries, if required, by utilizing local professionals. Ideal combination of specialist professionals including experienced forensic accountants, auditors, specialist investigators and technology experts from Japan and other local team will be able to provide the client with best effective solution to the alleged issues.

We believe it is our strength that we have professionals with variety of language skills and local regulation/business customes knowledge which enable the investigation team to well communicate with the client in both of Japanese and other local business culture when the allegation involves sensitive issues.
Our team will also be supported by experienced professionals with deep knowledge of various industries from Deloitte.