Forensic Service

Using our global network of intelligence analysts and advanced analytics technology, Deloitte Forensic Services Team can quickly and efficiently gain an understanding of a client’s risk exposure – providing useful and actionable advice across the entire business.

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Our Services

Deloitte Forensic Services Team brings together unrivalled multi-disciplinary expertise to assist with complex disputes and investigations, as well as data discovery, recovery, and analysis. Our services provide organizations with the evidence and insight to make informed decisions in sensitive and high profile investigations or legal proceedings via forensic collection, examination, and analysis of evidence.

How Deloitte Forensic Service can help you

Whatever the complexity or urgency of the situation your organization faces, Deloitte Forensic Services can provide seasoned support and solutions. We can provide forensic accounting and investigative skills to organizations (and their lawyers) that are facing issues with financial and legal implications, to help to make intelligent, informed decisions whether in the boardroom or the courtroom.

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