Pitch Session by Italian Startups

13 influential startups introduced

On October 10, 2019, DTC held a pitch session for notable Italian startups in collaboration with the Italian embassy.

Recently, Italy has passed several policies to support startup creation for technological innovation and continuous growth to address issues such as improving youth employment, promoting industry-academic collaboration, and attracting talented personnel to their capital. One notable policy by the Ministry of Economic Development was Decreto Crescita 2.0 (“Growth Policy 2.0”) in 2012 which is updated every year.

This event was held to deepen the relationship between Italian startups garnering national recognition with Japanese companies interested in cutting-edge technologies and talent.

The first session was an introduction of DTC’s unique offering, startup data platform “TechHarbor” which can search and analyze the latest technological trends or detailed information on specific emerging startups. TechHarbor’s analysis revealed that the majority of Italian startups were founded in between 2013 to 2015 with a focus on the software, media entertainment, and internet services industries. Although Japanese companies have invested in Italy, the majority of Japanese investors were automotive manufacturers interested in startups focused on automotive part manufacturing.


The second session was a pitch session held by 13 rising Italian startups. These startups are focused on offering solutions in the areas of food tech, agritech, and improving quality of life in an aging society.


Company Introduction



Industry (Details)



Energy, environment, clean economy

Shorter charge time, 30% lower cost

Is CLEAN AIR Italia S.r.l.

Clean economy, environment, energy integration, IoT

Relies on water flow to purify air in the workplace, utilizing only a tenth of the required electricity and maintenance time of comparable filters.


Smart lighting, energy efficiency

LED lights with integrated surveillance camera for the road or other public places. The lights have a 5G base to share data across a public network.

IUV S.r.l.

Agritech, raw materials, food tech

Using a degradable material as an alternative to plastic.

Can be used to store fresh food, seasoning, confectionary, grain, dairy products, etc.



Industry (Details)



Biotech, diagnostic tech, genome science

Improving time for a diagnosis from 72 hours to 2 while maintaining accuracy for breast cancer, lung cancer, brain tumors, etc.

Mr Doc srl

Medical care, AI

(AI faces challenges conducting medical diagnoses due to need for large amount of data and difficulty processing noise).

Mr. Doc is an AI that observes the patient’s facial expressions and finger movements with a smartphone camera to identify cardiac arrhythmias, hypertension, hyperglycemia, hypoxia, and anemia.

Omnidermal Biomedics

Healthcare, Medical, AI

Wound Viewer takes images of skin ulcers and applies AI algorithms to analyze their area, volume, tissue type, depth, and presence of infection. Clinical data is stored in a cloud for remote access.

PlumeStars srl


New orphan drug for cystic fibrosis infection with EMA and FDA approval



Industry (Details)


Poleecy Insurtech Srl

Insurance tech, AI, blockchain

App purchases low price, short term insurance contracts instantly, using blockchain and geotracking for fraud prevention and contract preservation.


Fintech, blockchain

Use blockchain and European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) standards to tokenize various receivables and promote liquidity in the market


AI, deep learning, image analysis

Understand the characteristics of videos that are broadcasted in real time for tagging and time stamping.

Can archive the materials to classify and organize difficult-to-classify data and increase added value.


ICT Industry 4.0, Indoor positioning

Personal guide when in indoors such as office buildings or factories as well as pinpoint location of security staff in your smartphone

Hi-Interiors srl

Design tech, IoT

Use the app to specify bed lighting, aroma, shape, privacy settings, and songs to play to optimize your sleep.


Pitch Session①
Pitch Session②
Pitch Session③

The event concluded successfully with a networking session between the participating companies and invited guests.

Networking Session

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