Worldwide Bases for Innovation

By being a neutral third-party player, Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support Co., Ltd. (DTVS) sees a monumental opportunity to connect the various stakeholders of startup ecosystems around the globe, as well as with the capital-rich corporations. Bolstered by the success of our initiatives in Japan, we have built a dedicated team entrusted with the task of our ambitious worldwide expansion.

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley, commonly known as the mecca of entrepreneurship, has garnered around 5 trillion yen worth of investment and boasts top-quality support to entrepreneurs and innovators alike. TVS started operations in Silicon Valley in 2015. Since then, we have supported the expansion of Japanese Startups to the San Francisco Bay Area as well as fostered the Sukiyaki community; a business development group established to facilitate innovative alliances between Japanese enterprises and Silicon Valley startups.

New York

If Silicon Valley is America’s startup cradle on the West Coast, then New York would be its counterpart – on America’s East Coast. With innovation concentrated in the Manhattan Area, one has access to large corporations, investors, startups, accelerator programs as well as potential customers – all within close proximity to each other. There is no shortage of innovative and technology-driven startups in New York. Furthermore, New York enables female entrepreneurs to grow and thrive in a highly competitive and fast-paced startup environment.


With its 6000+ start-ups, highest venture capital and R&D expenditure (as % of GDP) in the world and its innovative culture, Israel has earned the nickname "Start-up nation". The combination of significant government assistance, highly-accessible academia, strong technological knowledge and capabilities coming from the military, and an atmosphere of knowledge sharing and collaboration further bolster the attractiveness of Israel as a startup innovation base. Over 350 multi-national market leaders have formed an R&D presence in Israel and endorsed innovation incubators and accelerators, to promote the unique potential found in Israel. Israeli start-ups have to adopt a global strategy and mindset to succeed, resulting in the fact that Israel has the most NASDAQ-listed companies after the US and China.


A Southeast Asian island nation no bigger than the size of Tokyo’s 23 wards, Singapore has earned the title of the “Smart Nation”. The Singapore government has undertaken a far-sighted approach to strengthening the early-stage investment ecosystem by injecting funds into the field of innovation. These government efforts coupled with a brilliant talent pool have resulted in a burgeoning startup scene with an international and transnational outlook.

TVS now has a permanent base in Singapore with access to promising South East Asian startups. In Singapore, we will restart our flagship Morning Pitch event with an monthly theme. In it, selected startups will pitch their business idea to a local audience of large corporation representatives creating the opportunity for business alliances, partnerships and M&A’s.


India is famous for being a formidable technological powerhouse and boasts high levels of skills and state-of-the-art technology. In addition, India has a huge potential for software and infrastructure development both in its cities and in the rural areas. What is more, the increasing prevalence of the Internet in India has facilitated knowledge sharing among a wider audience and has paved the way for long-term societal breakthroughs in the fields of medicine, agriculture, education, energy and food.

“The complementary strengths of India and Japan makes for a winning combination and we are here to make it happen.” We believe that TVS is well positioned to serve as a bridge to connect the market opportunity in India with the investment capital of Japan, the software innovation of India with the hardware expertise of Japan, and the nimble, out-of- the-box solutions of Indian startups with the planned precision of Japanese monozukuri (production). TVS has identified key points of collaboration between the two ecosystems in the fields of IoT, AI, SaaS and Big Data Analytics. Tapping into the rapidly expanding global network of TVS is a great opportunity for Indian startups to form business alliances, technology collaboration and strategic partnerships with Japan, SE Asia and beyond.