Tokyo Acceleration Program

Operating the Aoyama Startup Acceleration Center, supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

On September 15, 2015, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC was chosen as a subcontractor for the Aoyama Startup Accelerator Center (ASAC) by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Operation of the Aoyama Startup Accelerator

1. Purpose of the Tokyo Acceleration Program

As the startup momentum in Japan increases, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's long-term vision is to increase the startup rate in the city to around 10% in 10 years. This work is positioned as a project based on the "The Long-Term Vision for Tokyo".

This work is supported by promising entrepreneurs, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and is aimed at providing short-term intensive support from mentors and senior entrepreneurs. The main objective is to provide an Acceleration Program that gives opportunities for startups to grow into leading companies in areas where Venture Capital is difficult to get.

2. Program overview

•  Supporters such as incubation managers and Venture Capitalists become instructors (mentors) for the purpose of expanding sales channels and improving business plans.

•  For subjects in specialist fields (such as intellectual property field and legal field) that cannot be handled by an incubation manager or mentor, we will provide support by collaborating with external experts, and use various training workshops that correspond to a wide range of management tasks.

•  Advice from senior entrepreneurs to the program participants

•  Demo day, where program students present business models and service contents to VCs and large companies.

ASAC accepts about 10 startups per batch and is currently in the third batch, with the next Demo Day being on March 24th 2017. For details of the program, please visit the Aoyama Startup Acceleration Center (ASAC) website.

3.  Implementation matters of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC

In this program, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu acts as an incubation manager for the Aoyama Startup Acceleration Center (ASAC).

We provide support according to the growth stage of program participants, advice on how to prepare activity plans at the initial stage of the program, and monitor the progress of individual at interviews.  In addition, we set up support options according to the needs of the participants.

[Examples of support options]

•  Weekly individual mentoring sessions with program participants

•  Holding various seminars such as vision formation and business plan creation

•  Formation and revitalization of institutional community by periodic progress report meetings among participants

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