New project proposal support

We support new business development by discovering, selecting and promoting new business ideas for new business creation within your company.

Establishment and operation improvement of a system for new project proposals

We will design a new system for clients who intend to create a new project proposal system. As well as support the operations and suggest improvements for those clients that already have a system in place.

For new project proposals, we provide management improvement support, including:

  • Setting up or refining the system’s purpose
  • PR planning help for the system
  • Setting up internal application requirements
  • Improvements in selection criteria
  • Improvements for entry projects policy
  • Commercialization of application projects 

Additional support options include:

  • Advice on policy formulation
  • Training for applicants
  • Application brush-up
  • In-house event management support

As a result of our support, our clients have achieved three times the number of proposals compared to past systems as well as an increase in their quality.