Deloitte Transfer Pricing Digital DoX

Technology enabled TP documentation

Evolving implications from the OECD's Action 13 guidance are forcing businesses to find more efficient, integrated means to manage TP documentation processes. Tax audit activity is on the rise as authorities seek to widen tax bases. Most businesses will look to adopt a more efficient and transparent centralized TP documentation approach and examine TP on a unified, consistent global/regional basis.

Introducing Deloitte TP Digital DoX

Technology enabled TP documentation

Deloitte TP Digital DoX is a web-based platform to facilitate and streamline the efficient preparation of TP documentation reports, while allowing for close collaboration between and among Deloitte and client project teams. Client factual and financial information is gathered via user-friendly online questionnaires, the responses to which are mapped into automatically generated TP Master File, Local File or stand-alone reports following a modular approach.

Why use Deloitte TP Digital DoX?

  • Streamlines information gathering and report compiling to support the entire lifecycle of a TP documentation engagement
  • Facilitates an integrated, online process to generate local and OECD/BEPS compliant transfer pricing documentation reports
  • Enhances project efficiencies and helps manage human error
  • Facilitates increased collaboration of Deloitte/client project teams globally
  • Flexible and scalable to meet expanding business needs

Key features

  • Web-based user-friendly platform
  • Automatic report generation
  • Central management and audit trail
  • Modular approach to TP documentation
  • Time and resource savings

To learn more or see a demo of TP Digital Dox, contact your Deloitte partner or director.

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