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July 2019

Featured articles

Australia: Country of origin documentation waiver

Businesses accredited as trusted traders by the Australian Border Force will be able to claim preferential customs duty rates for goods imported under certain bilateral FTAs without obtaining or presenting country of origin certification documents.

Czech Republic: Generalized reverse charge mechanism

The European Commission has released a proposal for a council implementing decision to allow the Czech Republic to apply a generalized reverse charge mechanism for VAT purposes to combat fraud. The European Council will now consider the proposal.

Ireland: Brexit Contingency Action Plan update

The Irish government has published a Contingency Action Plan Update that sets out preparations for a no-deal Brexit. The update contains guidance on VAT, recognizing that post-Brexit VAT on imported goods will have a cash flow impact for businesses.

Malaysia: Service tax on imported digital services

There have been official clarifications and confirmations regarding the implementation of service tax on digital services supplied by foreign service providers to Malaysian customers, and confirmation that the tax will apply from 1 January 2020.

Singapore: GST consultations and e-guide issued

Consultations have been launched on a draft GST e-tax guide on digital payment tokens and the draft GST Amendment Bill 2019. The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore also has issued an e-tax guide on the Overseas Vendor Registration regime.

South Africa: Update on New Customs Acts Program

The South African Revenue Service has announced that it will be rolling out the next phase of the New Customs Acts Program to modernize the customs rules, which will focus on a new Registration, Licensing and Accreditation system.

Other news

March 2016

Featured articles:


  • Panama: The Panama Revenue Office has issued a new regulation, under which companies acting as online payment processors can be designated VAT withholding agents.
  • United States: The 10th Circuit has upheld Colorado’s remote seller reporting requirements.

Asia Pacific

  • China: Circular 36 has been published, providing detailed implementation guidance on the further rollout of the VAT reform to sectors such as construction, real estate, financial services and lifestyle services.
  • China: Changes to the China Customs’ import declaration form will result in significant changes for multinationals importing into China.
  • Indonesia: The list of strategic goods exempt from VAT has been updated.
  • Indonesia: Import duty will be borne by the government for certain industry sectors in the fiscal year 2016.
  • Japan: One of the highlights of the 2016 tax reform proposals is the introduction of a reduced rate of JCT on 1 April 2017.
  • Kazakhstan: A list of goods subject to export customs duties has been approved.
  • Kazakhstan: There is a new law on the handling of precious metals and precious stones.
  • Kazakhstan: There have been amendments to the list of goods eligible for tariff concessions.
  • Kazakhstan: The rules have been updated for the transfer and accounting treatment of customs payments, taxes and late payment interest.
  • Kazakhstan: There has been a resolution regarding the issue of permits with respect to export controls.
  • Kazakhstan: Rules for issuing re-export permits have been approved.
  • Kazakhstan: The application forms stipulated by customs law have been approved.
  • Kazakhstan: Rules have been approved for the authorities to take samples and specimens of goods.
  • Kazakhstan: An order has approved criteria for treating goods as imported for entrepreneurial purposes.
  • Kazakhstan: The rules for providing guarantees to export (import) processing products have been updated.
  • AANZFTA: Revised rules of origin and operational certification procedures have been implemented.


  • European Union: There is an update on the European Commission's cross-border VAT rulings project.
  • European Union: There are upcoming changes to the suspension of GSP tariff preferences.
  • Finland: The Finnish Supreme Administrative Court has ruled on the right to deduct input VAT on purchases of stolen scrap metal.
  • Finland: The Finnish Central Board of Taxes has issued a ruling concerning the VAT treatment of the leasing of parking places.
  • Finland: The Finnish Central Board of Taxes has issued a ruling concerning the VAT treatment of a transfer of publication rights.
  • France: The Administrative Court of Appeal has ruled on the VAT treatment of hotel loyalty programs.
  • Israel: The government is exploring the possibility of imposing VAT on foreign suppliers of digital services.
  • Italy: The Ministry of Economy and Finance has confirmed that VAT revenues increased by 4.2% (EUR 4,831 million) in 2015.
  • Italy: New measures have been published to tackle VAT fraud.
  • Italy: There has been clarification regarding the new rules on credit notes.
  • Italy: The Constitutional Court has ruled on the VAT rate for accommodation in marina resorts.
  • Italy: A new TR form is available.
  • Italy: A tax authorities have released guidelines regarding the application of the new penalties.
  • Italy: The 'FATCA' IGA between Italy and the U.S. is now publicly available.
  • Italy: There is news regarding excise duties.
  • Italy: Clarification has been issued for duty free shops.
  • Poland: The CJEU is to decide whether the first occupation’s definition established in Polish VAT Law complies with the EU Principal VAT Directive.
  • Poland: There is an update on the introduction of SAF-T/JPK.
  • Portugal: The main indirect tax changes in the State Budget law for 2016 have been approved by the Parliament and published, including changes to the application of the intermediate and reduced VAT rates, and to a number of excise duties.
  • Russia: The Russian State Duma has approved in the first reading draft law on subjecting e-services to taxation.
  • Russia: The Ministry of Finance has issued a letter regarding VAT on the disposal of inventory.
  • Russia: A draft law has been submitted to the State Duma stipulating exemption from VAT for operations of waste paper supply.
  • Russia: There have been amendments to the list of technological equipment the import of which into the territory of the Russian Federation is not subject to VAT.
  • Russia: The Commercial Court of Moscow has ruled on the VAT treatment of services related to the organization of clinical trials of foreign medications in Russia.
  • Russia: There have been increases to the excise duty rates on gasoline and diesel oil.
  • Spain: A resolution has been issued by the Spanish Economic-Administrative Court regarding VAT assessed under a VAT audit procedure.
  • United Kingdom: In the UK Budget, delivered on 16 March, there were a number of indirect tax announcements.
  • United Kingdom: The Supreme Court has confirmed that corporation tax is payable on VAT repayments.
  • United Kingdom: From 8 April 2016, the tax authorities will start to publish certain information relating to exporters and the goods they export.
  • United Kingdom: The tax authorities have issued an invitation to suggest changes to Union Customs Code regulations.
  • Italy: The authorities have summarized the procedures to be followed by operators to obtain the status of approved exporter, within the framework of the Free Trade Agreement between the EU and South Korea.

Eurasian Economic Union

  • Eurasian Economic Union: The import customs duty rates on certain goods have been amended.
  • Eurasian Economic Union: There is a Eurasian Economic Commission Board resolution regarding goods declared as temporary imports with a full conditional exemption from customs duties and taxes.
  • Eurasian Economic Union: There are also resolutions regarding specific exemptions from import customs duties, classifiers used to complete customs declarations, anti-dumping duties, and changes to the EEU integrated customs tariff.
March 2016
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