Recent Changes in Immigration – Presidential Regulation No. 21 of 2016 concerning Visa-Free Visit

GES Immigration Alert:April 2016 Indonesia

Effective 10 March 2016, based on Presidential Regulation No. 21 of 2016, the Indonesian Government has exempted nationals from 169 countries from the obligation to obtain a visa to visit Indonesia. (GES Immigration Alert:April 2016/Indonesia)

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This regulation replaces Presidential Regulation No. 69 of 2015 (effective 10 June 2015) and its amendment Presidential Regulation No. 104 of 2015 (September 2015), which granted visa exemption to nationals from 45 countries and 90 countries, respectively. The expansion of the visa exemption facility is expected to increase the number of tourists visiting Indonesia and also provide, in general, benefits for economic development.

This newsletter lists the purpose of arrival for the recipients of the visa exempltion and countries eligible for Visa-Free Visit as well as explains how it impacts on Indonesia's economy.


>> Click for Japanese [イミグレーションの最近の変更 : ビザ免除に関する大統領令2016年第21号]

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