Recent Changes in Immigration – Minister of Manpower regulation No.35 of 2015 concerning amendment of Minister of Manpower regulation No.16 of 2015

GES Immigration Alert:October 23, 2015/Indonesia

The Indonesian Minister of Manpower (“MoM”) has issued a new Regulation number 35/2015 (“MoM number 35/2015”) as an amendment of the recent MoM Regulation number 16/2015 (“MoM number 16/2015”), regarding General Procedures and Requirements for Employing Expatriates in Indonesia. (GES Immigration Alert:October 23, 2015/Indonesia)

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This new regulation provides some important changes, including eliminating some types of activities that require a work permit, abolishing the ratio of expatriates to national employees, etc., which were previously required under MoM number 16/2015.

This newsletter explains the following topics;

(1) Background
(2) Changes
(3) Deloitte’s View


>> Click for Japanese [外国人労働者利用手順に関する労働移住大臣規程の改正:2015年第16号の改正となる労働移住大臣規程2015年第35号]

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