R&D Expenditure Credits

Global Tax Update:July 2015/United Kingdom

Companies which have not yet elected into the new above the line R&D regime but are planning to do so for the year ended 31 December 2015 should be considering how the change will affect their quarterly instalment payments (QIPs). The tax liability for tax paying companies will rise as the R&D super-deduction will not be available and there will be an additional credit in the profit and loss account. (Global Tax Update:July2015/United Kingdom)

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This newsletter explains following topics;

  1. R&D Expenditure Credits
  2. HMRC guidance: restricting share capital reductions in takeovers
  3. Claim for 'deemed ' underlying tax fails in Upper Tribunal
  4. VAT: HMRC Brief on compound interest claims
  5. Trends in MTIC VAT frauds: discussions with HMRC


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