Spring Budget 2017 Japanese Business Tax

Global Tax Update:March 2017/United Kingdom

The Chancellor of the Exchequer delivered the last ever Spring Budget on 8 March 2017, before the UK changes to an annual Autumn Budget later in 2017. (Global Tax Update:March 2017/United Kingdom)

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The Budget announcement took place against the background of a significant upgrade to the UK’s growth forecasts for this year and the second fastest growth rate in the G7.

Following the significant changes to the UK’s tax system in recent years this was a Budget to reassure business, without the introduction of significant new measures and the Chancellor reaffirmed that the UK remains “open for business”.

This newsletter explains the following topics; 

(1) Introduction
(2) Business tax
(3) Industry specific measures
(4) Compliance
(5) Indirect Taxes


>> Click for Japanese [Spring Budget 2017日系企業グループへの影響] 

(97KB, PDF)

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