New Ministry of Finance Regulation on Advance Pricing Agreements

Tax Alert:February 2015/Indonesia

On 12 January 2015, the Indonesian Ministry of Finance released 07/PMK.03/2015 (PMK 7) which deals with Advance Pricing Agreements (APA). (Tax Alert:February 2015/Indonesia)

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This regulation will come into force 90 days from its enactment, i.e., 11 April 2015. All the old applications which were filed before PMK 7 and for which a draft APA has not been issued by the DGT will automatically be processed under PMK 7.


>> Click for Japanese [事前価格確認制度(APA)に関する新規定]

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Unilateral and Bilateral APAs are available and frequently used in Japan. The NTA prefers Bilateral APAs and a rollback of up to six years is possible in the case of a Bilateral APA. Rollback is not permitted in unilateral cases.


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