Chinese Customs Authorities Issue Updated Guidance on Customs Audits

Tax Analysis:December 2016/China

Guidance that became effective on 1 November 2016 updates implementation measures relating to the rules governing customs audits (GAC Order [2016] No. 230). The previous version of the implementation measures dating from 2000 was repealed on the same date. (Tax Analysis:December 2016/China)

The Chinese Customs authorities generally are empowered to carry out audits on goods for three years from the date the goods are released from customs.

The State Council amended the nearly 20-year old Customs audit regulations (State Council Order No. 670), with the amended regulations becoming effective on 1 October 2016. The regulations make changes to the audit procedure, formalize the sharing of information obtained during a Customs audit with other government agencies, introduce a voluntary disclosure program and allow qualified third-party professionals to provide opinions during Customs audits. The newly released implementation measures provide additional clarifications on the revised regulations.

The Chinese authorities have launched a series of initiatives in recent years to facilitate and expedite the clearance of goods from Customs. The authorities have shifted their focus to post-import/export administration, in which audits play a key role in ensuring compliance.

This newsletter explains "Highlights of the new measures" and "Deloitte’s comments."


>> Click for Japanese [中国税関による税関査察条例実施弁法の改正]

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