SAT Simplifies Administrative Procedure for Resident Enterprises to Apply Preferential EIT Treatment

Tax Newsflash:December 2, 2015/China

On 20 November 2015, China’s State Administration of Taxation (“SAT”) published a new tax bulletin (Bulletin [2015] No. 76 (Bulletin 76)) on its website that provides guidance on how resident enterprises may claim preferential enterprise income tax (“EIT”) treatment following the elimination of many advance approval/registration requirements for claiming preferential treatment in other recent guidance. (Tax Newsflash:December 2, 2015/China)

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Bulletin 76 generally applies to annual EIT filings for 2015 and subsequent years.

This newsletter explains the following topics:

(1) Background
(2) Highlights of Bulletin 76
(3) Deloitte’s comments 

>> Click for Japanese [中国国家税務総局が企業所得税の優遇政策事項の処理弁法を公布]

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