Preparation and Review of Tax Returns

Deloitte Tohmatsu Tax Co. offers high quality and efficient tax return preparation and review services where each tax return must adhere to our thorough quality control standards and benefits from a tailored analysis to identify tax issues and solutions.

Comprehensive Analysis Through The Process of Preparing / Reviewing Tax Returns

Comprehensive analysis
Deloitte Tax Tohmatsu Co. carries out comprehensive analysis and develops tailored solutions through the process of preparing/reviewing tax returns identifying not only tax issues, but issues of other areas such as corporate finance, business, or operations. Where necessary, we work together with professionals of specific areas, e.g., reorganization and transfer pricing, as well as member firms providing audit, consulting and financial advisory services.  We take pride in the depth of our collaboration within the Deloitte/Tohmatsu Group under our “As One” strategy.
Recent trends in tax return preparation and review services
Currently, there has been an increasing trend that large companies, whether publicly traded or not, intend to file tax returns under the supervision of their headquarters. However, as the Certified Public Tax Accountant Act (“CPTAA”) prohibits the provision of tax services by those who are not certified public tax accountants, the preparation of returns by parent companies for group companies in a centralized manner may be in violation of this law. We support clients to improve the quality of tax returns as a group by preparing tax returns for all group companies in a centralized manner or performing a review of tax returns prepared by clients.

Tax Representation Services (handling of tax audits, etc.)

Deloitte Tohmatsu Tax Co. provides tax representation services in the following areas:

• Tax return related representation
 Attendance at tax audits
• Filing appeals/objections with the tax authorities
Filing a request for reconsideration with the National Tax Tribunal
• Representation in tax disputes (hosa nin)

Bilingual Services for Foreign Affiliated Companies

Deloitte Tohmatsu Tax Co. provides bilingual services (English and Japanese) to foreign affiliated companies. Our bilingual staff maintains effective communication with clients’ head offices in English while communicating with local Japanese staff in Japanese. This allows for the smooth operation of business and transfer of information, overcoming any concerns about language barriers.

We can also provide overseas head offices with a detailed written or verbal explanation in English regarding complicated technical issues to reduce the burden of local Japanese staff.

Delivery of Quality Services

The background to our high quality services
Our tax return preparation and review services are provided by engagement teams and each client is assigned a team.  Each engagement team is multilayered, consisting of multiple staff levels.  Tax returns are prepared or reviewed first by junior team staff and then reviewed by senior members under thorough management and supervision by the engagement manager before the final review by the engagement partner.  This mechanism allows for full and in-depth quality control, and the provision of higher quality services.
We have extensive experience and knowledge from reviewing a wide range of tax returns for a number of large companies, including publicly traded companies and companies preparing to go public, and therefore, can offer effective and comprehensive solutions for complicated tax issues in a diverse range of industry sectors.
Efficient and comprehensive service delivery
Deloitte Tohmatsu Tax Co. utilizes a checklist of several pages for all clients. This checklist incorporates our comprehensive knowledge and experience gained from the provision of return preparation and review services over  many years and covers the key issues for these services. This assures our efficient and comprehensive service delivery for all clients.