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The Family Consulting team offers a tailor-made solution for each family from the creation and ongoing management of a family office, offering family governance solutions, to helping with succession planning.

About Family Consulting

Deloitte Private is a global platform that provides a one-stop service for business operating in private markets and the people and families that run and control these business. Operating in one of the world’s largest and most dynamic economies, Deloitte Tohmatsu Tax Co. was invited to participate and represent Deloitte Private in Japan. Deloitte, an audit and tax accountant corporation, renowned for its neutrality and discretion, works closely with businesses and owners who run the family business. With the rapid changes and diversification of the environment surrounding us, the future of families, regardless of national borders or generations

Family Consulting is a team of specialists established with the intention of returning to the starting point: working closely with the family members who founded or the current generation who runs not only the family business but also those family members who play an important part in the management of the family and the family’s assets. The effective management and organization of the family can only mean better management of the business which they run. It is the Family Consulting team’s objective to provide a one-stop service that places it at the head of the family and to do this the Family Consulting team offers a tailor-made solution for each family that fall under four categories but thanks to the quality and reach of Deloitte Private and its global network we can work with families to find a solution on any number of problems.

Four categories

Point 01: Family Governance
Point 02: Stress-free family office
Point 03: Stable Succession
Point 04: Future design of family business

Point 01: Family Governance

As the size of the family increases over generations, discrepancies in information & knowledge and disagreements regarding the direction of the family tend to surface. If nothing is done to stymie, this then it becomes a “family risk”. As a neutral third party, Deloitte supports the process of "obtaining knowledge, organize, and discuss", respecting each family member's opinion and viewpoints. By involving all members of the family and creating a "rule book" to be shared by all members of the family, Family Consulting supports the creation of an optimal system for the continuation and health of the family system and business.

Point 02: Stress-free family office

In order to protect the wealth (property, reputation and values) that families want to cherish and pass on to the next generation in the most stable manner (consistent with the rules of the family), there are a wide variety of "thing to do" and there are many situations where the conventional approach alone is insufficient. Changes in the external environment, such as the global economy, the financial situation and geopolitical risks, have acted to accelerate this trend.

As a true family companion, Deloitte supports the management and operation of family wealth from a neutral standpoint, using the know-how that we have cultivated in Japan and around the world. In addition to asset management support, we support the creation and ongoing management of stress-free family offices as a "concierge" for families.

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Point 03: Stable Succession

While the phrase "business succession and inheritance" is widely known, business practices tend to focus on taxation only. Succession is a major event for the family business. As the current business leader what do you plan to do, taking into consideration the perspectives of stakeholders, not just those who will succeed you? But when and how? A multifaceted approach that goes beyond taxation is essential in considering whether to hand over control. Deloitte brings together tax, finance, business and legal professionals to accompany the family until a smooth succession is realized.

Point 04: Future design of family business

In today's globalized business world, management needs speed and flexibility are required when making decisions, but there is an increasing need to respond to issues such as compliance and ethics and diversity. In addition to these, the family business has elements unique to that family business alone, such as the family's shareholding and family's participation in the business. Deloitte has a worldwide network of family business professionals who can provide one-stop, cross-border support.

Why work with the Family Consulting team and why Deloitte?

The Family Consulting team eliminates the question "I don't know who to ask..." by acting as the relationship manager of our clients, supporting the prosperity of their families through a unified contact point for inquiries, no matter how complicated the matter may be.


  • Local and global support is possible through 40 locations in Japan as well as operating in over 150 countries worldwide.
  • Partnering with the Deloitte Private network for business owners, families and family businesses with locations in major countries.
  • Family Consulting has a number of bi-lingual staff who can provide Japanese and English language support in Japan for those who are unable to speak Japanese.


  • Objective grasp of the needs of business owners and families that can be realized only because we are not tied to financial products, such as financial institutions, insurance companies, and private banks
  • Because the origin of Deloitte is auditing firm, we have strong responsibility/accountability not only for the family but also a wide range of stakeholders of the family
  • A sense of security and trust that can be conferred only by a third party who is not a stakeholder such as a financial institution

Professional knowledge:

  • Access to approximately 12,500 professionals in Japan and approximately 286,000 professionals worldwide
  • Capable of addressing a wide range of issues faced by individual owners and corporations, including accounting audits, finance, tax, legal, management consulting, and M&A
  • From pensions and to life-style assets such as art, to property management, overseas real estate, emigration, and even dealing with family conflicts, there are professionals available

Cooperation and Support

With offices in 28 countries including Japan, Deloitte Private brings together the latest knowledge of professionals with a proven track record of helping wealthy people around the world, united in supporting customers’ cross-border needs. Now that family members are not limited to living in Japan due to business and educational needs, the Japanese Services Group (JSG), a specialized service group dedicated to the needs of Japanese companies and speakers, can assist you if you need Japanese language support overseas. JSG is a professional network of approximately 1,100 people, including expatriates from Japan, who can speak Japanese.

About Deloitte Private Japan

It is the "Family business" that breathes life into the Japanese economy, providing employment for most, providing the next generation of Japan’s “venture and growth companies” and through “investment management” the family business provides the “risk capital” needed to nurture the next generation. Full development and continuity of the family business is essential for Japanese society. "Deloitte Private Japan" is a unified brand that combines the knowledge of existing services and organizations, such as auditing, taxation, risk management, financial advisory, and venture business support, in order to respond to the complex problems and various needs faced by private companies and business owners in Japan in the domestic and global markets, collaborating with Deloitte's global network.

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