Indirect Tax

Deloitte Tohmatsu Tax Co.'s indirect tax professionals help clients gain global competitive advantage by advising on the effective management of business operations as well as supply chains and assisting in customs duty/Japanese Consumption Tax ("JCT") cost savings.

Introduction of service brochure

Is “indirect tax management” a phrase you’ve been hearing?

Although most global companies devote considerable energy to developing effective and efficient transactional flows and supply chains, the tax aspect is usually overlooked and because of that, carefully structured schemes to maximize profits and optimize logistics often turn out to be financially ineffective because of the tax cost and risk. Why does this happen? This is because there is a strong belief amongst taxpayers that tax is incidental to business decisions.
With recent changes related to indirect tax, i.e., increasing non-dutiable items due to growing EPA/FTA networks and the revision of not only Japanese consumption tax (“JCT”), but also VAT rules around the world and their rate changes, indirect tax implications are becoming increasingly important and it is more necessary than ever for businesses to manage indirect cost and risk to enhance competitive edge.
Deloitte Tohmatsu Tax Co. with its vast knowledge and experience as well as its global network of indirect tax practices, supports companies in realizing the most effective indirect tax management practices.