JCT services

Compliance burden and tax liability may be reduced through the timely handling of increasingly complicated JCT rules (e.g., rate hikes, multi-rates, new invoice systems, rules for digital supplies)

Strategic JCT management

  • Advice on rate hikes, multi-rates, new invoice systems
  • Tax saving planning support
  • Advice for the strategic handling of tax reform measures
  • Support for the implementation / improvement of JCT calculation systems

Examples of JCT Advice

Japanese Consumption Tax refund for non resident taxable persons

Save the non deductible input consumption tax related to one-off events in Japan in 2020 by filing an application to opt for JCT taxable persons.

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Japanese Consumption Tax: Qualified Invoice System

Japan will implement a new invoice system for Japanese consumption tax (JCT) on 1 October 2023. The new system will require business customers to retain qualified invoices which fulfil certain conditions in order for them to claim input JCT credits while requiring sellers to issue such qualified invoices.

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