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Thriving in a world of business ecosystems

A preview of the upcoming Business Trends report from Deloitte University Press

We’re familiar with ecosystems in the natural world—communities of living organisms interacting with each other and their shared environment, competing and collaborating simultaneously, creating and sharing resources, and adapting together in the face of inevitable external disruptions. Many of these same ideas can provide key insights into understanding today’s business world where ever-denser and richer networks of connection, blurring boundaries, collaboration, and interdependence foster the arrival of continuously evolving “business ecosystems.”

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“Ecosystems”: More than a useful metaphor!

Focusing on the ascent of business ecosystems can provide much more than just a different and useful metaphor. It can illuminate and clarify both deep challenges and extraordinary potential opportunities for leaders in business, government, and civic sector organizations alike that will influence organizations’ strategies and operations for years to come. That’s why, in our forthcoming report Business ecosystems come of age, we investigate some key strategic questions that come with a world of ecosystems and share how forward-thinking firms are answering them.

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