Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2019

Japan Edition

The Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey (GMCS) 2019 is a global survey conducted by Deloitte’s Technology, Media, and Telecom industry group.

Survey overview:

Online polling (accessible on computers, smartphones, etc.) conducted by a third-party survey company with the survey designed by Deloitte.

Geographical scope:
28 countries and regions (data on a select number of countries is not published) 

Number of respondents: 44,150

Timing of the survey: July and August 2019

Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2019 Japan Edition (PDF, 1.02MB)


Japanese consumers tend to be relatively conservative and price-sensitive compared to those other countries with regard to device ownership, subscriptions, etc.; although there is a subset of customers that are concerned about data limits, network quality, 5G, and cashless payments, it is unknown how changes in the market will affect their usage.


【Device ownership】

Smartphone ownership maintains continuous growth as consumers replace their feature phones with smartphones. However, smart speaker ownership rates have stagnated at 4%, exhibiting a low level of interest in smart devices.

【Mobile operators and stores】

Although MNVOs continue to grow, a large percentage of the 18 to 24 age group, which is focused on data limits and network quality, still use the "big three" operators. Although "if my current phone is broken" is still the leading reason (at 46%) for buying a new phone, 5G devices may become an incentive to switch.


Showing greater caution than other countries, approximately 1 in 4 Japanese consumers show interest in using 5G. However, not much interest is shown towards 5G services, revealing the possibility that awareness is low.

【Usage of mobile / smartphones】

Consumer app usage shows that 18 to 24 year olds focus on social media and gaming apps, while 65 to 75 year olds use weather and news apps. Shopping through e-commerce and cashless payments are continuously growing across all age groups for smartphone owners.


Subscription rates for video, music, news, magazines are low across the board when compared to other countries. Video subscription rates exceed 40% in other countries yet only reach 21% in Japan.

【Mobile gaming】

In Japan, the 34 and under age group make up the core of mobile gamers, with a sudden drop after 35.

Although not many players make in-app purchases, the average purchase amount per paid user is high.

【Digital wellbeing】

Perception of over-use is low compared to other countries, staying at 30%. Not many are taking steps to control their smartphone usage.

【Data privacy】

The percentage of consumers who think that their personal information is being used by companies has increased by 10% from 2 years ago. Japanese consumers read Terms of Use more than those in other countries.


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