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TMT Predictions 2015

The future in Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Welcome to the 2015 edition of Deloitte’s predictions for the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT) sectors. These Predictions reveal the perspectives gained from hundreds of conversations with industry leaders, and tens of thousands of consumer interviews across the globe.

Executive summary

Our objective with TMT Predictions is to identify critical inflection points that we believe should inform industry strategic thinking, and to explain how we think these will manifest over the next 12-18 months for companies in Technology, Media, Telecommunications (TMT), and other industries.

The future in Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Technology - TMT Predictions 2015

Explore the future in Technology:


  • The Internet of Things really is things, not people
  • Drones: high-profile and niche 
  • 3D printing is a revolution: just not the revolution you think
  • Click and collect booms in Europe
  • Smartphone batteries: better but no breakthrough
  • Nanosats take off, but they don’t take over
  • The re-enterprization of IT  

Media - TMT Predictions 2015

Explore the future in Media:


  • Short form video: a future, but not the future, of television
  • The ‘generation that won’t spend’ is spending a lot on media content
  • Print is alive and well–at least for books

Telecommunications - TMT Predictions 2015

Explore the future in Telecommunications:


  • One billion smartphone upgrades
  • The connectivity chasms deepen: the growing gap in broadband speeds
  • Contactless mobile payments (finally) gain momentum

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