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Ethiopia ... A Promise To Return - Past memories lead to future opportunities.

Current Residence: Ethiopia, Addis Ababa

Previous Residence: United States (Maryland)

Motivation to return: I fell in love with Africa (Ethiopia) when I travelled here at the age of 12. I fell in love with the culture, hospitality, generosity and warmth generating from the people. I also made a promise to myself that I would eventually come back and try to contribute as much as I can. And here I am.

Current Role: Consultant in the Advisory Function


• Meeting and working with great people

• Sharing knowledge and best practices from the US


• Exhaust from cars in traffic

• Getting necessary documentation (i.e. driver’s license, Yellow Card, etc.)

Advice to anyone considering to relocate to Africa:

• Talk to others that have relocated to Africa to set expectations. Do your research, plan, and enjoy!

Uganda ... Africa is where it is at - I want to be here. Kenneth Lesegi's Story.

Current Residence: Uganda, Kampala

Previous Residence: United Kingdom

Current Role: Manager, Infrastructure and Capital Projects

Motivation to return: I missed home. I believed relocating to Uganda would be a good move for career and personal life with an opportunity to share knowledge and skills, contribute to my countries development while enjoying the company of my family and friends that I grew up with. Simply put, Africa is where it is at and I want to be here.


• Having worked in a developed country I have a lead on where the economy/society is headed to, which is good for input into my work and creates opportunities for personal and professional growth.


• Adjusting to the way of life especially with regards to availability of facilities and services

Advice to anyone considering to relocate to Africa:

• Maintain your networks even while you are away.

• Be prepared to adjust when you return if you have been away for a while especially with regards to expectations on : salary, nature and type of work / responsibility (will need to step up)

Kenya ... A Time to Invest - Growing economies lead to growing opportunities. Edwin Odede's Story.

Name: Edwin Odede

Current Residence: Kenya, Nairobi

Previous Residence: Bermuda

Motivation to return: Having lived in Bermuda for 7 years, I felt it was time to come back closer to home to take advantage of the opportunities back home. Economy is growing fast hence lots of investment opportunities, plus there is still a big shortage of professionals with knowledge of complex financial products.

Current Role: Manager, Enterprise Risk Services


• Tourist activities at lower cost

• Investment opportunities

• Economic growth


• Systems and processes are much slower

• People do not respect time

• Bureaucracy

• There is little trust in the police force

Advice to anyone considering to relocate to Africa:

• Don’t compare Kenya with a Western country– appreciate and enjoy it as it is.

• Be flexible and open minded.

• Be adventurous in order to explore the differences between Africa and the Western world.

• Western press will not always tell you the whole story – do more research in topics that interest you, especially by reading literature/magazines/newspapers published by locals.

Kenya ... Nothing compares to home. Agnes Wambugu's Story.

Name: Agnes Wambugu

Current Residence: Kenya, Nairobi

Previous Residence: United States (Texas)

Motivation to return: Family. Living in land of the brave and the home of the free provides you with lots of opportunities (shopaholic – shoes and gadgets - to be more precise). It’s a melting pot of all cultures, ideologies and ethnicity, but it can’t be equated with HOME. All l would think was red, black and green (white in between) and my mum’s mukimo and chicken kienyeji.

Current Role: Assistant Manager, Tax


I have an open book again to rewrite a new experience.
Resettling back home is like relocating all over again in a different country only that in this country there are familiar faces.


Driving in any town (major) and reconnecting with friends.
Settling back home felt like relocating to a different country.
Advice to anyone considering to relocate to Africa:

Be open minded, there is never a dull moment in Africa.
The challenges that you faced when you moved to USA, UK, Russia, Australia, China or Monrovia, and yet you have succeeded, will propel you to succeed when you are among your own.

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