2015 Kenya Human Capital Trends

Leading in the new world of work

In today’s world, the barrier between work and life has all but disappeared, the balance of power in the employer-employee relationship has shifted, and Millennial demands are now driving much of workplace culture. HR and talent teams can’t afford to stay stuck on business as usual.

The just-released Deloitte 2015 Kenya Human Capital Trends report makes the case for a new HR playbook — one that taps HR to be more agile, forward thinking, and bolder in its solutions. The report involved surveys and interviews with business and HR executives from 43 companies in Kenya. Among the findings:

· The gap is widening between what business leaders want and what HR is delivering.

· Engagement and culture is the No. 1 issue in Kenya and around the world.

· Half the respondents rated their leadership shortfalls as “very important,” while only 31 percent believe their leadership pipeline is “ready.”

· Learning and development issues exploded from the no. 7 to the no. 3 most important talent challenge in this year’s study, yet despite this demand, capabilities in learning dropped significantly.

Our goal in this research is to give business and HR leaders fresh insights and perspectives to help shape their priorities for 2015.

Trends Survey Report
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