Deloitte Risk Advisory School of Excellence Kenya

Leaving nothing to chance

Deloitte Risk Advisory School of Excellence is pleased to invite Incident response employees, Digital forensic researchers, IT system & network administrators, IT professionals interested in malware analysis, Security managers, ERP managers (Oracle, JDE, MS Dynamics etc), ERP security professionals, IT auditors regularly dealing with all ERPs related security challenges and such, as well as IT professionals and engineers in public utilities from all sectors for the below course. Participants should have fundamental insight into the network protocols, IP network services, and operating systems. Experience with malware is not required, but a solid technical background is desired.

HackLab: Cyber Risk Academy

Malware stands for malicious software, scripts or code meant to aid an attacker to hack a system, keep control, steal information or to hack a system, keep control, steal information to cause damage. Malware poses a large risk to an organisation and having theoretical knowledge on this matter is not enough anymore. Hands-on experience is required on how to discover, analyse and fight malware and is a difficult task without the right knowledge and experience. During this hands-on course experience, participants will gain experience in the analysis of malware, from the initial approach of dissecting to the analysing of advanced malware

Day 1

  • HackLab: Malware Analysis

Day 2

  • HackLab: Hands-on Hacking
  • HackLab: ERPs (SAP, Oracle, JDE, MS Dynamics etc)
  • HackLab: ERPs Security (SAP, Oracle, JDE, MS Dynamics etc)

Day 3

  • HackLab: ICS/SCADA Security

Registration Details:

Date: 05 - 07 June 2017
Time: 8:00am - 4:30pm
Venue: Nairobi (TBD)
Charge (KES): 100,000

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