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Leaving nothing to chance

Deloitte Risk Advisory School of Excellence is pleased to invite all Internal auditors from all Professionals working in all sectors for the below course:

Internal Audit - The 3rd Line of Defense

  • Overview of internal audit (promoting and re-asserting the importance and relevance of internal audit)
  • Preparing the internal audit
  • Getting acquainted with business processes and controls
  • How IT impacts an audit (appreciating and incorporating cyber security into business processes and internal audit's routines)
  • Identifying high level risks and controls
  • Business process and systems assessment
  • Developing the audit program
  • Developing the control testing matrix
  • Performing the test
  • Efficiency functions
  • Efficiency tools
  • Consolidating and reporting results
  • Designing controls
  • Perform the testing
  • Peer review and clearing review notes 
  • Understanding the linkages between various units of internal audit i.e. Operational and Financial Audits, Forensics, Cyber Security, Analytics, Performance and Value for Money.

Registration Details:

Date: 04 April 2017
Time: 8:00am - 4:30pm
Venue: Deloitte Place
Charge (KES): 40,000

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