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Deloitte School of Tax is pleased to share with you the 2017/2018 tax training calendar. Our goal is to dispense knowledge to finance and tax professionals in order to build their core tax knowledge by simplifying the complexity of tax. This is achieved by providing attendees with not only the theoretically knowledge of the various regulations, but a practical understanding of their implications to their organizations.

Our instructors are drawn from a pool of tax practitioners and industry experts. Their skills, knowledge and ability to communicate are key to providing a one of a kind learning experience.

The workshops are geared towards achieving:
· Increased tax awareness
· Increased staff motivation
· Improved tax savings
· Reduction in time necessary for tax management
· Reduction in the cost of tax management

Tax Training Calendar: 2017/2018

Course Name Topics Date Venue
Tax Workshop for HR Practitioners Non-taxable benefits, allowable deductions, penalties and offences, objections and appeals, the Employment contract, immigration considerations, compensation Structures, taxation of Mobile Employees  15 December 2017 Naivasha
Indirect Tax Bootcamp Value Added Tax, Customs, Excise Duty 25 January 2018 Nairobi
Tax training for Water Companies Corporate Tax, Withholding Tax, Pay As You Earn (PAYE), Value Added Tax (VAT), Tax Procedure Act, iTax: Corporate Tax, VAT and Withholding Tax 8 February 2018 Naivasha
Direct Tax (CIT and WHT) and Employee Tax Bootcamp Income/Corporation Tax, Withholding Tax, Payroll Taxes 8 march 2018 Nairobi


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