Tax for HR Practitioners


The Human Resource function is increasingly getting recognition for its role in helping organizations gain and sustain competitive advantage.

HR is taking up this strategic role against a backdrop of dramatically shifting business and regulatory landscape, global mobility and a more informed and empowered workforce.

The Deloitte School of Tax has prepared a 1 day workshop to bring you up to speed on the regulatory issues that HR practitioners need to be aware of/ plan for, as they execute on their mandate. The presentations will be dotted with case studies to give you a practical feel of the various legislations and their implications on you and your business.

Target audience

Human Resource and Payroll professionals

The workshop will cover:
  • PAYE - we will help you gain an understanding of PAYE concepts, obligations and penalties
  • Effect of expansion of tax bands
  • What constitutes taxable income – we will explore non-taxable benefits, allowable deductions, tax reliefs and other employment payments
  • Residency and source of income taxed in Kenya
  • Tips on how to handle KRA Audits
  • Immigration issues
  • Short term assignees and tax implications
  • Penalties and offences
  • Objections and appeals
  • Grey areas
  • Expatriate taxes and related issues such as work permit, assignment duration, employment cost allocation and tax issues, hypothetical tax and tax equalization, foreign retirement benefit schemes, medical schemes, relocation allowances and benefit and expatriate payroll and shadow payroll processing
  • The Employment Contract
  • Tax planning around compensation structures
  • Taxation of share scheme structures
  • Taxation of terminal dues
  • Net packages, split remuneration and split contracts

Registration Details

Date: Thursday, 22 September 2016
8:00am – 4:30pm

Venue: Deloitte Place
, Nairobi, Kenya.

The Charges will be KES 30,000 per person attending.