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Deloitte Greenhouse: Singapore

Exploring the Ten Types of innovation in Public-Private Partnerships

Deloitte collaborates with public sector client to flesh out prototype offering for SMEs

The client’s challenge

Tasked with encouraging and supporting the growth of local enterprises, our client – a public regulatory body – was keen to explore a collaboration model with Deloitte. The opportunity? How to create an original, differentiated offering that could capitalize on both sides’ expertise in order to serve growing numbers of their Small and Medium enterprise (SME) clients. While both teams had some early ideas, they needed a structured way to approach the idea and develop a prototype.

Deloitte’s solution

To help the client and Deloitte teams explore avenues for collaboration, the Deloitte Greenhouse team designed a half-day Innovation Lab for 12 participants from both the client and Deloitte. Held in the Deloitte Greenhouse in Singapore, the session kicked off with participants brainstorming macro trends affecting SMEs, to better understand the motivations, aspirations and challenges that they typically face. This was followed by a showcase of analytics tools that SMEs can use to improve their operations.

Following that, the group was exposed to Deloitte’s proprietary innovation framework, the Ten Types of Innovation, through mini case studies of companies that successfully employed these ten types, from innovations in profit model to customer engagement. In order to create a truly differentiated offering and define its key attributes, teams brainstormed what the service could look like against each of the ten innovation types. They then created an elevator pitch around the prototype idea, to refine the offering and evaluate the go-to-market approach that would be required to take the initiative off the ground.

Impact on client’s business

The Greenhouse session provided a creative, supportive space for both the client and Deloitte teams to openly discuss the opportunity to collaborate and further their working relationship. The consciously designed Greenhouse environment, structured yet compelling facilitation, and the Ten Types of Innovation approach combined to help participants to think differently. The mark of a successful Greenhouse session? Significant breakthroughs with designing the prototype and a collaborative go-to-market approach, which the teams were able to implement shortly thereafter.

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