Business Model Innovation Lab Case Studies

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Business Model Innovation Lab Case Studies

We help clients innovate their customer value proposition and mobilize transformation. Participants walk away with high-level business model redesigns and a set of go to-market strategies with end-users in mind.

Learn about how we have helped our clients solve their business challenges and the specific ways they have benefited from working with us.

Case 1: Building a world-class coaching academy

The Challenge: Our client assembled a new team to build a world-class coaching academy to raise the professional standards of sport coaches in the region. They needed to get buy-in from various stakeholders and chart a strategy to move forward with their plans.

They got inspired – examining leading industry practices from Deloitte’s subject matter experts, and understanding the target audience of the coaching academy by walking in their shoes.

They got creative – brainstorming coach-centric solutions using design thinking, that would meet the needs of the real personas.

They made commitments – prioritising opportunities to put ideas into reality, and ensure buy-in within the next 3 months.

The Output: Buy-in from stakeholders, including the end-users themselves, coach-centric opportunities identified, and a clear work plan to outline their deliverables within the next 3 months.

Case 1: Building a world-class coaching academy

Case 2: Corporate innovation model for medical tech industry

The Challenge: A global medical tech client was embarking on a journey to develop an operating model for corporate innovation within the region. We conducted two Design Thinking Labs (separated by fieldwork research) to equip them with the knowledge & tools of design thinking and to help them develop a proof of concept through concept application.

They learnt – the principles and tools of Design Thinking, Human-Centred Innovation and 10 Types of Innovation, to set the tone for solving an internal innovation dilemma.

They applied – the Design Thinking process by identifying the critical innovation dilemma to solve. Thereafter they conducted fieldwork research, brainstormed solutions and created storyboards for ideas that would dramatically improve the level of business with their strategic business customer in China.

They prototyped – the most promising ideas to test with the customer, and created a business pitch and proof of concept after the Lab.

The Output: Equipped with the knowledge and tools of innovation, along with a viable proof of concept, the team left the Labs with greater confidence about the company's potential to be innovative.

Case 2

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