Disruptive Events Advisory

Optimizing benefits and managing risk before, during and after a major event in a company’s lifecycle

A disruptive event causes changes to a company’s structure or operating model and puts new demands on the finance function. These events include IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, divestments, new joint ventures, and business model changes, amongst others. Deloitte’s deep accounting, financial reporting, finance operations, controls, and regulatory experience can help CFOs and their finance teams successfully navigate disruptive events and exceed stakeholder expectations.

As disruptive events can change the scale or breadth and nature of demands on finance functions, our deep accounting and finance experience combined with tried and tested approach allow our practitioners to provide tailored services to navigate a deal environment effectively.

What are your goals?

  • Are you looking to grow your existing business by increasing current capacity, or through a regional expansion?
  • Do you need equity or debt financing?
  • Are you looking for strategic investors or to take the company public via IPO?

The success of these events is dependent on finance’s ability to support the transaction. Deloitte’s Disruptive Events Advisory services recognize the importance of a strengthened finance function to meet challenges, accelerate performance, and emerge resilient following periods of change and disruption. A full spectrum of disruptive events services has been designed to serve companies in each major phase of the corporate life cycle.

Using our deep accounting, financial reporting, financial operations, controls and regulatory expertise to help CFOs and their finance functions to successfully navigate disruptive events through the corporate lifecycle and exceed stakeholder expectations.

Proper planning for disruptive events, including ensuring the right resources and expertise are in place, will not only pay off, but is also an essential part of being ready for the inevitable changes to your business.

Regardless of the intent, it is important to prepare early and be ready to strike when the market opportunity arises.


To complete a successful round of capital raising, it is vital that you are ready at the right moment. Timely identification of significant issues and sufficient resources are pertinent to the capital raising process.

We use our combined experience from the capital market in the last decade to create our IPO diagnostic tool – the diagnostic underpins a rigorous assessment process, covering all areas of your organisation, and gives you confidence in the completeness of our findings. Our assessment concludes with a presentation, a written report detailing prioritised findings on the deficiencies in your organisation to be rectified in advance of any corporate exercise, which include:

  • Reorganizations
  • Service line separations and mergers
  • Cost-rationalization project coordination.

Working alongside with you, we will develop a step-by-step practical response to get you ready for fund raising.