Close encounters of the fun kind.

What impact will you make?

While we may work hard, we know that work isn’t everything.

We know that work-life harmonisation is important and we respect the need for a balance between work and your personal and social needs. That is why we offer you great chances to meet new people and have fun outside of work.

Sports events, movie nights, staff parties, dinner dances and more: at Deloitte, there’s always something fun happening throughout the year! You will part of our big family where friendly and like-minded people come together to make new friends and enjoy life.

Through our work-life integration programme and flexible working conditions, we offer various initiatives to integrate personal interests into your schedule.

At Deloitte, we take fun to another level. It's a place where there are close encounters of the fun kind.

Fact box:

  • In 2016, Deloitte won the Human Resources Asia Recruitment Gold Awards for Best Diversity & Inclusion Strategy and Best Recruitment Innovation by a Corporate HR Team, as well as the Singapore Human Resources Excellence Silver Award in ‘Workplace Wellbeing’.

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We’re always looking for people with the relentless energy to drive and push themselves further, and to find new avenues and unique ways to reach our shared goals.

If you have the ambition, tenacity, resilience and desire to be part of a purpose-led organisation, then we want to hear from you!

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