Connected Stores

Transforming store fleet through technology

January 2018

Transforming store fleet through technology

In today’s changing retail landscape, it can be tempting to invest in smart screens or augmented/virtual reality devices. But these shimmering new items don’t always address customers’ needs. Deloitte has seen many retailers take the wrong road and invest in technology that their customers hardly use.

Deloitte recently teamed up with Legend World Wide in Belgrade to open a connected store that leverages on the full power of in-store technology. Findings from this experience was then shared with companies inside and outside the retail industry to gather their views on the store experiment. These interviews gave insight on the challenges retail executives face today as they go about transforming their store fleets and make smart, data-driven decisions.

The publication explores the key strategies for companies to transform their stores, such as

  • Re-inventing the store from first principles
  • Tech-charging the organisation
  • Considering the store concept from multiple angles
  • Connecting stores and turn data into action
  • Applying Lean-Start-up thinking to create transformational store concepts

To find out more, read the full publication here.

Connected Stores: transforming store fleet through technology
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