Regulatory Advisory


Regulatory Advisory

Minimising anti-money laundering and sanctions risk

Traditionally, money laundering and sanctions monitoring have not been a major risk area for banks and financial institutions. However, the broader reach of anti-money laundering (AML) legislation worldwide and the increase in financial and trading activity performed by other businesses have meant a change to this view in recent years.

Your organisation’s exposure to AML and sanctions risk is a real one, and our Southeast Asia team can provide the expert, local guidance that you require.

We believe in serving our clients through a collaborative approach, working together to address AML issues and developing innovative solutions to address this type of compliance risk. We strongly advocate a ‘risk-based approach’ to money laundering, in line with global regulatory trends, and have extensive experience in implementing this approach at major organisations in a number of industries worldwide.

Our Forensic team is experienced in the management of money laundering-related incidents. We have a global network of AML professionals who can readily respond to your issues at short notice, whilst providing local and industry-specific expertise. Our team combines people with forensic accounting, technology and consulting backgrounds to ensure a complete and effective solution to both pro-active risk management needs and re-active money laundering event management.

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