Forensic training


Forensic training

Keeping up to date

Deloitte offer a wide variety of training on forensic-related subjects. We base our training materials on a combination of our own client and industry experience, best practices and client-specific issues.

We can provide training through a number of media:


Classroom training can be a very effective way to train small to medium groups with in depth or high-level content. We can provide classroom training either hosted at our local offices, your offices or another location.


We have a variety of online training options from high-level ‘for all’ such as our AML Introduction course (which we provide with the AMLcheck product) to detailed reference type training materials.


Utilising Deloitte experts to train your own internal trainers and specialists can be a cost-effective way of investing in forensic training.

We deliver training on a wide range of subjects in the forensic area, and can tailor our courses to your exact industry, geography, and organisational needs. These include:

  • Fraud Investigation Training
  • Fraud Awareness Training
  • Interviewing Techniques Training
  • Anti-money Laundering Training
  • Forensic Accounting Techniques Training
  • Ethics and Business Conduct Training
  • Corruption Awareness Training
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