SEA CFO Program Overview


SEA CFO Program Offerings

Leading with Confidence

CFOs are increasingly challenged to lead the organisation to adapt strategically to market changes we face today. Deloitte brings bold, relevant offerings with forward thinking insights for every stage of a CFO’s career. So CFOs can lead with confidence into tomorrow.

CFO Program Offerings

CFO Transition Labs: Plan Ahead

A personalized and immersive one-day experience that empowers newly appointed CFOs or those with prior experiences who are switching industries to make efficient and effective transitions into their new roles.

Our unique approach focuses on three key aspects of the CFO agenda; time, talent and relationships. The result is a 180-day tailored action plan to help CFOs get started on the right foot.

CFO Vision Conferences: Look Ahead

The SEA countries will rotate to host this annual conference where CFOs will hear insights and perspectives from thought leaders in business, politics and media – and engage in thought-provoking dialogue among their CFO peers.

CFO Forums: Stay Ahead

CFO Forums provide a unique opportunity for CFOs to network with peers, explore challenging issues and share leading practices.

CFO Surveys: Think Ahead

This pulse survey tracks the latest thinking and actions of elite CFOs from a wide range of industries across the region.

CFO Newsletters: Think Ahead

This quarterly newsletter delivers easily digestible, trending issues and insights to help CFOs in the SEA region stay ahead of the marketplace and growing demands.

Next Generation CFO Academy: Start Ahead

A first-of-its-kind experience designed to prepare aspiring CFOs who have potential to step into leadership positions succeed in a future CFO role and build new relationships early on.

Finance Leadership Program: Opportunities Ahead

A development program designed to help finance executives advance their leadership skills and take their organizations—and their careers—to the next level.

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