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Valuation for the whole business

Valuation and financial modelling services

Undertaking a valuation exercise requires an in-depth understanding of the subject to be valued including an analysis of factors such as market conditions, the regulatory environment as well as competition. Sound valuation advice also involves a delicate balance between technical analysis, commercial experience and professional judgment.

Deloitte has extensive experience and deep expertise in valuing different asset classes including businesses, financial instruments & derivatives, intangible assets & intellectual property rights, plant & machinery, and real estate. Our experience extends to a variety of commercial contexts, including mergers & acquisitions, regulatory & taxation, reorganisation & restructuring, litigation & dispute resolution and financial reporting. Each valuation assignment is supported by a financial model complemented by our technical rigour and commercial reality and built to meet the objectives of the assignment.

Robust business or financial modelling requires a detailed understanding of best practice techniques, quantitative analysis and logic. We develop bespoke planning and decision support business models on different platforms, including but not limited to Microsoft Excel, to facilitate the resolution of significant business issues that you face regularly. Our value lies in our ability to distil complex business situations, translating and reflecting them into valuable financial models that provide greater insight and better foresight, empowering you to make strategic decisions.