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Deloitte is a leading global strategic integrator of SAP HCM and SuccessFactors technology. Our ‘made-to-measure’ approach is designed around an organization’s own uniqueness while leveraging the best of on-premise and cloud solutions in the most optimal way.

HR FastForward - Get there sooner

Under pressure to deliver more strategic value to the organization, many HR leaders have elected to embark on the long and time-consuming journey of transforming the HR function. However, in today’s fast-paced business world, companies can’t afford to wait years for a transformation effort to start delivering value. HR FastForward is a pre-configured solution based on SAP SuccessFactors® that allows HR organizations to effectively skip the information-gathering phase, since the package is already configured with many of the functionality and process capabilities needed to jumpstart the transformation process.

HR FastForward: Get there sooner

Human capital management in the cloud – A review of the SAP and SuccessFactors strategy

Cloud is the future of human capital management (HCM). However, reaching that future may involve some significant twists and turns. Expectations could morph, shift, and perhaps even contradict one another as the technology continues to mature and evolve. But whatever the path, the end result will likely be a flexible HCM ecosystem that can support a variety of service delivery models and adapt to changing business requirements. A key first step is working with stakeholders in the business, IT, and HR to develop a strategy and roadmap that everyone agrees with—and that clearly outlines their future roles and the overall long-term vision for HCM in the cloud.

Human capital management in the cloud

Race to the cloud: Integrate talent, HR, and business technologies

Cloud-based HR technology promises to integrate people systems, enable learning and talent management, and reengineer recruiting. But massive adoption of new software is harder than it seems.

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