Crisis Communications

Many organisations do not have a structured framework and processes in place to help them clearly communicate in a crisis. We can help you transform the way you manage crisis communications.


A well thought-out crisis communications strategy will help organisations understand what, when, where, why and how they should communicate to stakeholders during a crisis. With stronger employee engagement and internal communications, organisations will be able to more effectively shore up morale during a crisis.

Beyond crisis management, planning for the recovery phase is just as important as planning for crises, as rebuilding trust and confidence is critical to restoring reputation and branding.

Directors and executives particularly in the crisis management department must be well-versed in their communications strategy, narrative, message and timing. In addition, they must have the ability to transition effectively from their day-to-day functions to their crisis management roles to better respond to and recover from a crisis.

How can Deloitte help?

Work with us to build a robust crisis communications manual and conduct a crisis simulation exercise to test the readiness of your organisation.

  • Crisis communications manual
    We can both review and develop a crisis communications manual that ranks risk scenarios along an organisation's risk scale and also assigns public relations risk ratings. The manual will recommend the narrative and key messages that should be conveyed with each scenario. It also includes a crisis communications checklist that assures directors and executives that all the key and necessary elements of crisis communications are attended to before, during and after a crisis.

    Work with us to build a crisis communications manual that comprises principles of crisis communications, stakeholder mapping and engagement strategy, chronology to information updates, crisis communications team (critical roles), crisis communications matrix (risk scenarios, news value factors and templates), trendwatch dashboard, common operating picture and crisis communications checklist.
  • Crisis simulation exercises
    We conduct crisis simulation exercises to stress-test crisis communications teams and crisis management teams. These exercises provide important feedback to the organisation's contingency plans, help teams recognise the complexities involved in crisis communications, help them familiarise themselves with crisis communications procedures and, most importantly, help them build confidence.