Seminar on Major Exporter Scheme (MES)


MES: 19 Dec 2014

19 December 2014 | Singapore, Singapore Marriott Hotel

Join us to find out more. ASK is a comprehensive self-assessment compliance package designed by IRAS to help businesses review the accuracy of their GST submissions and discover past errors early (to qualify for a voluntary disclosure for reduced or in some cases no penalties and/ or no fines).

Agenda for our seminar on Major Exporter Scheme (MES)
Our speakers, who have extensive experience in assisting clients from various industries with MES compliance matters, will discuss with you their experiences and views in relation to the following:
a) What are IRAS’s expectations of a MES trader and what good practices should you adopt?
b) How to perform a self-review of your GST returns in accordance with the GST Assisted Self-Help Kit for the
purpose of renewing your MES status?
c) What are the common errors made by MES traders and how you can make use of the Voluntary Disclosure
Programme to disclose the errors made to IRAS where the penalties could be reduced (or in some cases
completely waived)?
d) How can you make use of the Assisted Compliance Assurance Programme to do away with MES renewal
requirements and also establish a robust internal GST control framework?

We look forward to seeing you at our seminar. Do not wait too long to sign up - seats are limited.