Tax Advisory and Transactions Services


Tax Advisory and Transactions Services

Advisory and support, when and where you need it

One of the biggest business tax challenges—and opportunities—lies in managing an organization’s corporate tax position and global effective tax rate. Deloitte’s global tax advisory teams help companies, from multinationals to family businesses, implement practical tax optimization strategies. We advise clients on a broad range of domestic and foreign tax matters, helping them make smart choices that align with tax objectives and support business operations.

At Deloitte, we combine innovation with deep industry insights to help clients optimize taxes on a global scale. Deloitte tax services help clients make tax-optimized decisions on issues connected to supply chain management, IP, treasury, legal entity structure, M&A, government incentives, indirect tax, and more. Our professionals stay current on complex and ever-changing jurisdictional tax rules, helping optimize global tax strategies and minimize risk.

Comprehensive support for your tax function

Technical and industry expertise for optimal tax outcomes

Deloitte’s tax advisory professionals draw on deep collective tax knowledge, industry experience, and cutting-edge technology to inform your tax approach to transactions and business strategies. Whatever your business objectives, we can help you optimize the tax consequences of your supply chains, M&As, government grants and incentives, or cross-border operations. We help simplify tax management and oversight while providing global visibility for informed strategic decisions—all with the benefits of working with a single global provider.

Supply and value chain tax advisory

A fundamental principle of tax strategy is to locate functions, assets, and risks in jurisdictions where they can be taxed at rates most favorable to the business.

Deloitte’s value chain alignment (VCA) teams integrate corporate operating models (or value chains) with global tax strategy for optimal value—helping multinational corporations build scalable, sustainable tax-advantaged supply chains that are poised for growth. With extensive experience in value chain tax advisory, intellectual property practices, and direct and indirect global tax strategy development, we help clients make effective decisions on an after-tax basis. This includes analyzing, responding to, and effectively managing risks in relation to tax objectives.

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Intellectual property management

Smart intangible assets management, especially with a focus on intellectual property (IP) protection, can confer a significant competitive advantage. With intangible assets becoming more and more central to market valuation, organizations must carefully consider how they evaluate and monitor IP location, value, and security. Adding to the complexity are shifting international tax laws, including a proliferation of rules around movement and pricing of intangible assets.

Deloitte’s intellectual property tax teams advise clients on creating, owning, and monetizing intangible assets in line with their business models, and on the impact of location and structure of those intangible assets on a company’s global effective tax rate. Our teams of tax advisors work closely with financial advisory, legal, and accounting experts to identify and implement efficient and effective IP management structures for your business.

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Finance and treasury tax advisory

Tax reforms adopted around the globe, often in response to OECD initiatives, could have significant tax implications for your finance and treasury functions. To respond effectively, you must be able to identify cash and risk exposures, understand liquidity positions, manage foreign exchange volatility, and deploy or repatriate cash. It takes powerful technology to do all of this, not to mention maximizing operational efficiency while staying agile enough to respond to unexpected internal and external change.

When your treasury team needs support, turn to Deloitte’s finance and treasury tax specialists for advice on navigating the international tax landscape. We can help assess sustainable, global finance and treasury policies through a tax lens. From fund advancement to M&A and restructuring, we can help assess tax attributes, respond to regulatory changes, and mitigate risk.

As part of a multidisciplinary organization, we collaborate with Deloitte accounting advisory, treasury technology consulting, financial advisory, legal, and other specialists, providing comprehensive, practical advice on the tax impacts of financial transactions.

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Legal entity structuring

Business units of multinational organizations don’t—and can’t—operate in isolation; actions can have far-reaching effects on business decisions and tax provisions across the organization. International tax frameworks such as OECD, BEPS Actions, and the EU Anti-tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD) are constantly evolving, as are jurisdiction-based tax laws, leading to growing regulatory complexity and increased scrutiny. Tax rule changes can affect access to treaty benefits, application of domestic anti-abuse rules, foreign tax credit (FTC) utilization, and application of controlled foreign company (CFC) rules—all of which must be considered when assessing legal entity and business structures.

Deloitte tax professionals with expertise in legal entity structuring can analyze local, bilateral, and multilateral treaties, laws, and regulations to clarify the impact of global operating structures on your tax obligations. Insight into the international tax implications of capital deployment; repatriation strategies; and proposed mergers, acquisitions, and divestments supports confident business decisions.

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M&A Tax Due Diligence and Structuring

Complex business transactions—mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, equity investments, and divestitures—require the dedicated attention of experienced financial, accounting, legal, and tax professionals. As long as organizations continue to restructure, enter new markets, or buy and sell entities, M&A will remain an important factor in competitive advantage.

Deloitte’s M&A due diligence tax professionals provide corporate clients and private equity investors with a spectrum of tax due diligence services. Our multidisciplinary approach brings together M&A professionals with industry and tax technical specialists to analyze and quantify industry, country, and deal-specific tax risks and opportunities; determine tax asset quality; and identify potential hidden costs, contingencies, and commitments. On both buy side and sell side, we can conduct diligence inquiries, model alternative tax approaches, and analyze the effects of multiple scenarios on future cash flows and earnings.

Additionally, Deloitte M&A transaction tax structuring professionals help companies navigate the myriad tax issues arising from cross-border transactions, including advising on tax-efficient deal structures. Our focus is on optimizing our client’s tax position, maximizing tax synergies and attributes, and meeting the needs of all stakeholders, including related lenders and management.

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Post-merger integration

Following any merger or acquisition, businesses need practical strategies for reducing tax risk and maximizing the likelihood of post-merger tax benefits. Deals involving global businesses must also take into account foreign and cross-border tax and global value chain considerations.

Deloitte can help identify post-merger integration tax synergies. We work closely with legal and financial advisers to review transaction documentation, release post-merger value, and manage local country requirements and tax risks. Once a deal is complete, we can help realize tax synergies in the supply chain, sales organization, back-office operations, and other areas of a business.

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Tax controversy

Multinational organizations can spend enormous time and resources managing tax controversies and disputes across numerous jurisdictions. In today’s tax landscape, many authorities have moved beyond investigating technical merit and analysis to a growing focus on implementation and motive.

Deloitte's tax dispute resolution teams include former tax authority officials, alternative dispute resolution professionals, and, in many countries, tax litigation specialists—all devoted to supporting you at every phase of the tax dispute resolution cycle. We work across all tax fields, including domestic income tax, international tax, transfer pricing, indirect tax, and specialty areas such as incentives; in some markets, we also provide tribunal and court representation. Services include audit readiness assessment and preparation; strategies for minimizing the impact of tax controversies; support for mitigation of potential disputes through revenue authority ruling systems; support for international treaty procedures; application of advanced pricing agreements (APAs), and other such tools.

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Government grants, credits, and incentives

Many countries offer generous government grants, credits, and incentives for investment in areas such as digital infrastructure, energy efficiency, environmentally sustainable development, innovation, and workforce training. Several fuel R&D innovation through elaborate systems of government financial incentives that fund manufacturing process improvements, production trials, or software integration in laboratory research. While identifying, understanding, and prioritizing the right government incentives for your organization can be time consuming and challenging, it can also generate significant financial benefits.

Deloitte’s global investment and innovation incentives (Gi3) practitioners provide grant and incentive support to help organizations around the world pursue appropriate incentives and execute effective strategies, in industries from aerospace to healthcare to agriculture and beyond. Government incentives can also yield immediate cash benefits, including reducing effective tax rates and increasing earnings per share (EPS).

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High net worth individuals and family enterprises advisory

Private and family-owned companies face a range of challenges that can affect not only the success of the business, but also the professional and personal ambitions of its owners. Whether your goal is to expand into new markets, plan for succession, sell your business, or pursue an IPO, integrated tax advice is critical. The same holds true when managing the tax obligations of other high-net-worth individuals and their family offices.

Deloitte tax specialists help private businesses and their owners, family offices, and other individuals with substantial assets to understand, plan, and execute effective business and tax strategies. We keep up with potential and new legislation and evolving markets, offering services tailored to each family’s unique circumstances. Our advice spans income tax advisory and compliance services, helping address the complex interrelationships of a privately held business and its owners, family offices, and employees. We can assist with owner and wealth planning, including wealth preservation and transition of wealth to future generations. Our global tax professionals can answer questions related to tax residency and domicile, and assess the tax implications of international investment opportunities. And we evaluate the potential tax consequences of business and personal wealth decisions on your tax, business, and personal objectives for generations to come.

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Government and tax authority services

Tax authorities around the world need help modernizing and streamlining their operations to keep pace with changes to technology, legislation, operations, and strategic direction.

Deloitte’s government and public sector tax professionals advise tax authorities around the world on policy development and new tax rule implementation, assess economic impact, develop compliance frameworks, and review taxation and enforcement procedures. We support tax technology and operational transformation by reviewing requirements and current business processes; developing specifications; and digitizing tax calculation, review, filing, payment, refund, and dispute processes.

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Indirect tax recovery and advisory

Faced with opportunities to recover domestic and foreign sales and use taxes—including value added tax (VAT) and goods and services tax (GST)—many businesses rely on time-consuming manual processes to gather sales and use tax recovery information and prepare and submit refund claims.
Deloitte’s global network of indirect tax recovery professionals provide advice and practical support to help businesses process and manage VAT/GST refunds more effectively. We support an end-to-end process, from opportunity identification through data collection and analysis, preparation and submission of refund claims, and any necessary follow-up.

Using Deloitte’s proprietary work processes, tools, and technology, businesses around the world can streamline processes and increase transparency, reducing the time and expense of VAT/GST recovery.

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Accounting method services

Tax professionals must constantly evaluate the implications of international, federal, and local accounting method changes, including potential consequences on current and deferred tax.

Deloitte tax professionals offer advisory services designed to optimize tax accounting methods, with a focus on liability, effective tax rate management, and tax risk mitigation.

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Tax Advisory and Transactions

Advisory and support, when and where you need it

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