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One of Deloitte's important roles is to share the company's wellbeing with the rest of the society; its mission is to fulfill not only its own dreams, but also the dreams of the neighbors who are less privileged to do so on their own.

Create CSV through pro bono

Since the foundation of the "Social Volunteering Committee", Deloitte has never spared any effort in taking on social responsibility. The social contribution activity championed by Deloitte is a healthy, win-win activity for all, driven by voluntary participation of employees who are willing to deliver the value of sharing, as opposed to a top-down activity in name only. It is also a shared value across Deloitte and the other 150 Deloitte member firms around the world. In particular, Deloitte is actively contributing the expertise of its finance industry specialists to local communities as part of the Pro Bono Movement(pro bono: a movement to provide expert knowledge and service for the public good).

Deloitte Impact Day is purposed for Deloitte member firms around the globe to participate in a variety of volunteering activities for local communities. Deloitte is also engaging in an array of volunteering activities in Korea every year to create shared value with local communities. Furthermore, Deloitte drives productive discussions for businesses, while delivering vision through Deloitte forums and seminars where many different contemporary issues are discussed each year.

Social contributions

  • Launched the Volunteering Committee as an official in-house organization in 1997
  • Established Deloitte Impact Day for all Deloitte member firms around the globe
  • Became the first accounting firm that provided management advice in alliance with social enterprises
  • Helped child breadwinners without parents/ senior citizens living in solitude/ people with severe disabilities
  • Provided scholarships to disadvantaged youth/ helped children in immigrant families/ supported after-school activities for children in low-income families
  • Supported sport events for people with disabilities/ youth financial literacy youth programs/ environmental protection

" Thinking about Community, People, Environment "

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