Deloitte Culture

Share greater value through our corporate culture of collaboration - 'As One'.

Growth in hard numbers is not the only thing that matters to Deloitte. Rather, Deloitte aspires to higher visions and value from our collaborative culture called "As One", which refers to a force to unify Deloitte's traditional strengths - mutual respect, encouragement, trust, communication and passion. It can be another way of expressing our culture of participation, whereby all employees set realistic goals and continue to innovate in and out to turn Deloitte's vision into a reality.

In addition, Deloitte pursues "Thought Leadership" in respect for creative minds that characterize expert organizations. Deloitte plays a pivotal role in providing market insights to clients and driving positive performance by quickly identifying rapidly changing latest trends. Deloitte values the work-life balance that keeps work in harmony with personal life. Deloitte is a happy workplace where every employee works in creative, ways-this is why the world for Deloitte's professionals is bigger than ever.

As One Culture

The “As One” culture pursued by Deloitte is very similar to Korea’s traditional culture, which used to create greater synergies in unison. ”As One” is a very concise word, but the seeming simplicity is filled with insights supporting organizations and people. It was the “As One” culture that made the “Deloitte” brand by bringing together different individuals and peoples. The culture of collaboration “As One” is what represents our tradition and present while being the driving force to create greater synergies for our clients.

Work-Life Balance

Deloitte strives to strike a balance between work and individuals’ personal life by creating a happy workplace where ethical, honest and hard-working people gather and work together in a creative and efficient manner. Deloitte’s corporate culture produces creative talent and results by supporting employees to lead a fulfilling life and accomplishing priorities based on personal values. Deloitte’s corporate environment allows all employees to fulfill their roles and responsibilities.

Thought Leadership

Deloitte’s “Thought Leadership” has been shared both internally and externally through various forums and seminars held every year by the company, creating greater value to business. Deloitte experts’ professional opinions and future outlooks on contemporary concerns in society will deliver fresh visions to Deloitte and clients alike. Through these you can experience Deloitte’s Thought Leadership in experts’- columns and interviews in various media types.