Why Deloitte?

What makes Deloitte Customers' Top Choice?

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The rapidly changing global business environment demands businesses establish midterm and long-term future strategies in consideration of economic, environmental and social issues alike. Deloitte’s offerings provide a full spectrum of services including accounting audit, tax and finance advisory and consulting. Deloitte also helps clients stay ahead in the center of change through customized, high-quality services, such as ERS(Enterprise Risk Services), AMS(Asset Management Services) and DA(Deloitte Analytics).

Excellence in Service Quality 

A Global Network That Give a Competitive Edge

What separates global leaders from the ordinary is their flexibility and insights that allow them to find new opportunities in global economic downturns and turn the opportunities into new growth engines. This is the reason behind the need for specialists with sharp insights and cosmopolitan outlooks to discover sustainable business opportunities and drivers in a constantly changing global business environment. Deloitte provides solutions that help respond to these deviations in the most nimble and strategically viable way using its network of Deloitte member firms operating in 150 countries.

Deloitte Network

Provision of Optimal Solutions by Function and Industry

Deloitte consists of matrix organizations by function and industry in order to provide specialized services tailored to each service line and industry. Professional services teams provide highly sophisticated strategies and execution solutions to suit the needs of each industry, including finance, manufacturing, commodity, IT, energy, life science and public sector. Deloitte’s solutions, which are flexibly derived from such matrices by function and industry, will bring new perspectives to clients, while boosting business performance, competitiveness, efficiency and helping discover a new future.

Professional Excellence

A Corporate Culture of Alternating Innovations and Changes

As a recognized industry leader, Deloitte is offering diverse programs that live up to its reputation, such as customer service quality improvement, finding and breeding talent in a proactive fashion and building credibility at home and abroad. Deloitte administers a variety of internal and external training programs, seminars and overseas training programs to unlock the potential of our employees. “Innovation” and “Change” are the two pillars sustaining Deloitte’s corporate culture. This culture embraces Deloitte’s in-depth programs for sharing and developing strategies and leadership programs by client and industry.

Continuous Innovation