Why Deloitte?

What makes Deloitte Customers' Top Choice?

Deloitte, whose clienteles' span more than 150 countries around the world, can be described in a vast array of words reflecting our diverse composition of ethic backgrounds and languages.

There are clear reasons why Deloitte Anjin, a member firm of DTTL, is the number one choice of clients among other firms in the market: trust of clients, first choice firm for prospective talents, and a company that builds balues benefiting both the company and community through effective communication based on sincerity. Deloitte has become the first choice by clients and will strive to make an impact that matters both in the market and society.

30 years of trusts and equity

Over the past 30 years, Deloitte Anjin has continued to record a steady growth annually as the nation's top accounting firm.

Also, Deloitte Consulting continues to remain as a strong brand power in the field of strategic consulting.


Deloitte Anjin incorporates a mindset of "As One" and value into its duties while respecting individual's identity and performing our client services.

Deloitte Anjin spends 140K hours in training talents

2,300 Deloitte Anjin's Professionals work to go beyond the "Frontier Mindset." Deloitte Anjin Trains its professionals 60 hurs annually.

This is the basis of our professionalism in Industry, Technology, Leadership, and High quality of client services.

LCSP(Lead Client Service Partner) System

In order to rapidly respond to changing client needs, we have designated LCSPs for managing our Client Portfolio which is composed of key strategic client groups.

LCSPs will play a privotal role by effectively communicating with clients through Deloitte's global network systems, maintaining collaborative relations with the leaders of each field, and taking full advantage of corporate capabilities and resources on hand.

The "As One" Culture

Deloitte pursues the "As One" culture. Through "As One," Deloitte hopes to cultivate more collaborative work between employees.

Hopefully, this can play a vital role in providing clients with Innovative Client Services.

Work Life Balance

Deloitte has built a reputation among the millennials as the perfect provider of "a balance between work and life".

Incentives and recognition given based on the work done, assistance in future planning, and workplace which guarantees opportunities for fulfilling ones full potenials can be attested by all of the experts and employees of Deloitte.

CSR based on Integrity

Among the Big4, Deloitte Anjin's CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility-is worth noticing.

Deloitte Anjin has completed CSRs that sums up to 1 billion won in monetary value.

By the talent, for the talent

Deloitte Anjin's Talent management leads the intuitive industry as a whole.

Deloitte Anjin is consisted of 1,200 certified public accountants and 800 tax accountants, law professionals, consultants, IT professionals. In short, Deloitte can say with pride that we offer services second to none with unrivaled experience and insight that the market has to offer.