On the board’s agenda

May 2022

Amid geopolitical complexity, uncertainty persists

Scenario planning, risk sensing may help companies brace for possibilities on the horizon

The global geopolitical landscape has become increasingly volatile and difficult to predict, particularly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This uncertainty has potential consequences for global corporations on multiple fronts.

As corporate boards carry out their responsibility to oversee management’s execution of operational, growth, and strategic objectives, they need to consider the many geopolitical and economic issues on the horizon and the possible consequences for their companies. A strategic approach to risk intelligence that leverages scenario planning and advanced risk-sensing techniques may become important for helping companies navigate significant uncertainty.

Perhaps most prominent in the current global geopolitical landscape, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has become an ongoing conflict, the outcome of which is increasingly difficult to predict. Russian and Ukrainian leaders have demonstrated significant resolve to continue the battle as peace negotiations have stalled. Many nations continue to apply significant sanctions in an attempt to pressure Russia economically, without escalating the conflict, to end its attack on Ukraine. Russia has taken multiple steps in an effort to fortify its economy in the face of these sanctions.

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