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Strategy & Operations

What is our corporate, business, and customer strategy? what is our IT plan? How do we stack up against the competition? What projects should we invest in and why? Surprisingly, many executives can't answer these questions with certainty.

Our broad scope of services helps clients address the full range of top management issues. With the global expertise and experiences, our professionals provide solutions that answer from everyday operations to long term strategic decision settings.

Corporate Strategy

Provides fact-gathering, analysis, and advice required for a corporation to succeed today and position itself to succeed tomorrow.

Growth & Innovation strategy

Formulating strategies that ensure sustainable growth and innovation is executive's number one concern in ever-increasing competitive business environment.

We help our clients capture market share and channel value to achieve their growth ambition.

Customer & Market strategy

Assists clients with creating a vision, identifying critical initiatives, developing an integrated plan, and delivering on results.

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M&A Strategy

Delivers comprehensive solutions from pre-deal activities through Due Diligence and acquisitions integration to achieve maximum benefits.

Business IT Strategy

Assists CxOs in leveraging information and technology to improve business operations, achieve strategies, and enable business models.

CFO services

Supports finance functions in the decision-making processes and improving the finance controllership and corporate governance activities.

Process innovation/Business process re-engineering

Combines detailed assessment on work flows and business processes with best practice benchmarking so that our clients can improve and innovate work processes to successfully execute strategies.

Enterprise cost reduction

Cross functional approach based on 4 Competency Groups and Deloitte's proven methods provide clients with scalable and sustainable cost structure changes within organizations and businesses.

Revenue enhancement

Focuses on making money this quarter rather than large, long-winded, transformational projects.

Starting from analysis on transactional level to Deloitte's own defined revenue enhancement areas, we offer services that result in immediate increase in revenue growth for CFOs and other executives.

Supply Chain Strategy

Assists clients in developing and implementing market-leading strategies, tactics, and infrastructure within their organization and across their supply chain.

Performance Improvement

Helps our clients improve profitability and business productivity through a comprehensive set of service offerings and performance improvement capabilities.

Program Leadership

Assists clients in aligning projects with overall strategic objectives and transforming their business strategies into coordinated initiative portfolios.

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