Consumer Products

The Consumer Products industry has undergone dramatic change in recent years. Food safety and environmental sustainability have rocketed to the top of the agenda.

New systems for supply chain management and distribution, the relaxation of international trade barriers, and the growth of information technology have contributed to greater competition, overcapacity, slimmer margins, and greater customer demands.

Deloitte offers multi-dimensional services encompassing audit, accounting, tax, consulting and financial advisory, helping the clients fine the right solutions to these and other challenges.

  • Changing consumption pattern
    The value customers are chasing has been mortified as with the changed quality of living
  • Rapidly growing emerging markets
    Seeking to enter into newly emerged consumer markets including China, India and Brazil, as growth opportunities abate in developed countries.
  • Food safety concerns
    Food safety has been magnified the most important issues in recent years.
  • Social Networking
    The roles of social networking is increased with IT innovation.

C&IP group retains a great scale of reputable client base and plans to expand the service line into strategy establishment such as process innovation, real estate investment review and tax strategies in response to recent harsh economic environment.

Deloitte provides the clients with high-quality service on industrial knowledge, through sharing up-to-date database with its member firms across the globe.